Thursday, April 21, 2011

spa by norfasarie.

My schedule has been pretty tight these few weeks adjusting to the things I have to do before I get hitched and countless appointments I have to attend till I do not have the time to take care of myself. So I decide, what is a better way to pamper myself than to go for a spa treatment.
I settled for a spa that has all that I need, an exfoliation and a massage. She even talked me into trying the package which includes a lulur( an indonesian exfoliation using spices), a warm milk bath, a hot blanket which is something like being in a sauna but instead of you seating down in that steam room, you will be lying down covered in a hot blanket and a one and a half hour full body massage.

The deal was great and I tried it. After 120 minutes, boy was I refreshed.
The lulur was revitalizing, the warm milk bath was heavenly and the hot blanket was intense at first but I fell asleep only to realize that I woke up sweating like crazy. After all that, came the invigorating massage. I fell asleep, yet again during the massage but I could feel the pressure against my body and it was all so fabulous. The ambience was beautiful and I was incredibly rejuvenated.

I felt that I was treated like royalty. Now I know, why they call it "The Royal Indulgence."
It was an extraordinary experience, one of those which I will never forget.
Thank you Kak Norfa.

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